ET on Seeking Alpha Trump not 'happy' with Russian sanctions Aug. ET on Seeking Alpha Congress reaches Russia sanctions deal Jul. Given name or nickname[ edit ] Russ Abbot born , British musician, comedian and actor Russ Adams born , American former Major League Baseball player Russ Barenberg born , American bluegrass musician Russell Russ Feingold , American politician Russ Freeman pianist — , American bebop jazz pianist and composer Russ Freeman guitarist born , American jazz fusion guitarist, composer and bandleader Russ Granik , longtime Deputy Commissioner of the National Basketball Association Russell Russ Grimm born , American retired National Football League player Russell Russ Hodge born , American decathlete, world record holder Russell Russ Howard born , Canadian curler Russ Kingston , American actor, editor and filmmaker Russ Letlow , American National Football League player Russ Malkin born , British film producer and creative director Russell Russ Method , American football player Russell Russ Meyer , American film director, producer and screenwriter Russell Russ Meyer baseball , American Major League Baseball pitcher Russell Russ Peterson American football player — , American football offensive lineman Russ Peterson coach , American college basketball, football and baseball coach in the s to '50s Russ Ptacek born , American journalist Russell Russ Roberts born , American economist.



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